About Us

The GTC Legal Group Is


Australia’s largest legal referral, advice and reference website, with access to hundreds of top local lawyers, our Legal Advice Hotline and thousands of informative and up-to-date articles.

Armstrong Legal

Specialist criminal, family, civil and immigration lawyers based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra

GTC Lawyers

A national team of senior lawyers working as Consulting Principals in a non-traditional model.

GTC Legal Group Services

Managing the GTC Legal Hotline, and the Group’s national admin, accounting, IT support and digital marketing teams.


Our practice management system, built by us on the Salesforce platform and available to law firms world-wide on the Saleforce App Exchange


A national network of over 1800 Australian law firms who appear as agents for each other and enable us to get a lawyer in any court in the country within 1 hour.