Helping clients find lawyers. Helping lawyers do law.

HELPING clients find lawyers

Connecting clients who need lawyers with the right lawyer for the job is one of the most important and rewarding services we provide. We have over 80,000 legal enquiries to our GTC Legal Hotline every year, and some of the questions we hear the most are: “Do I need a lawyer?” If so, what kind?”  Where do I find one that’s available?” “How do I know that they’re any good?” Our Hotline lawyers have the answers – 7 days a week, 7AM to midnight.


Australia has one of the most fragmented legal industries in the world, with more than 18,000 law firms employing around 50,000 lawyers.  Unlike the top-tier firms with in-house admin, accounts, IT and marketing teams, small to medium firms have no access to economies of scale, meaning much of the non-billable work ends up being done by the lawyers themselves, and clients wait longer and pay more for services. Until now, that is…

How do we do it?

A vast library of online legal reference articles. A legal hotline to speak directly to a lawyer. Hundreds of court advocates around the country for expert advice and strong representation. Full-service, centralised legal administration, IT support and digital marketing teams. And a world-leading, custom-built CMS and practice management system to tie it all together and do the work as efficiently as possible.